Know Your Stone!!! Treatments On Ruby And Synthetic Ruby Gemstone!

April 24, 2017


Hundreds and hundreds of years ago, the treatment of gemstones has existed. Currently, many of the treatments are still being used. Treatments of the gemstones bring some Broadway changes in the gemstone itself or in clarity.


Heat Treatment:

  • Ruby Gemstone is heated at a very high temperature to change its appearance.


Surface diffusion Heating:

  • At a very temperature in presence of coloring agents for allowing chemicals to penetrate into the stone.


Fracture filling:

  • Stones are filled with epoxy resin or glass OR lead glass to conceal the fractures.

  • Any work done on the stones damages the internal structure of the gemstones.



Hardness & Toughness Of Ruby Gemstone

Hardness: (resistance to scratching) 9 on the Moths scale

  • Toughness: (resistance to breaking and chipping) usually excellent, but large fractures can lessen the durability

  • Stability (Resistance to Heat and Chemicals)

  • Heat Heat can cause changes in color or clarity, it can also damage fracture filling.

  • Light Fracture filling may dry out or alter under intense light

  • Chemicals Can harm the fillings in fracture filled stones

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