Investing in Gemstones

April 24, 2017


Obviously we are too far-gone to return to the bartering system; however, we can learn from the meandering of markets and the fact that alongside the inflation and deflation of our currency, gemstones have steadily increased in value over time. 



With far greater historic stability than the stock market, gems have continued to captivate the human mind and hold an enormous sense of value.



Collecting and investing in gems can be a fun and exciting way to contribute to your understanding of the world around you while adding tangible assets to your portfolio that are beautiful to regard. 



Stop staring at your meandering mutual funds as if you’re actually going to sell out (which we all probably should have considered). Take a small portion of your hard-earned cash and buy some rock-hard assets. To help start this venture into another form of capital, here are five important steps to consider.




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