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The Mystical Feng Shui Powers of the Number 8

It’s widely known that the number eight is regarded as the money number in Asia. And that idea is catching on here in the west, too. From phone numbers and addresses – even license plates – everyone’s looking to get as many eights as possible.

Even jewelry designs have popped up everywhere with eights in the design, although many call it the infinity symbol. But the eight has more meanings that merely money and wealth, though that is why the eight is so popular!



In feng shui, there are eight directions: north, northeast, east, southeast, south, southwest, west and northwest. Eight represents each of the cardinal directions and their sub-directions. Eight also represents the number of sides of a bagua, the octagon that is often used as the feng shui map of a home. But the number eight can also refer to people.


The 8 Immortals

There is a group of deities in the Taoist religion called the Eight Immortals. Each of the immortals represents an important aspect of living (much like the bagua does) and each god is said to possess a particular power. The Eight Immortals are comprised of six men and two women and are believed to have lived at one time but that they drank the nectar of immortality and are now gods.

In many Asian homes, the Immortals are displayed as figurines and believed to bestow good fortune, health and happiness to the residents. Each of the immortals also represents a particular direction and should be placed in their respective directions.


The 8 Auspicious and Mystic Knot

In Buddhism, it is believed there are eight auspicious gifts: the banner of victory, the double fish, the vase, the lotus, the conch shell, the parasol, the mystic knot and the wheel. Displaying these items brings good fortune. Each of these auspicious items has a meaning and is associated with the numbers one through eight, beginning with the banner of victory. Thus, the eighth auspicious item is the mystic knot.

The mystic knot is a symbol of never ending good fortune and happiness. Mystic knots often show a combination of three, six or eight figure eights. The knot is a powerful activator for homes that face northeast or for those who have an eight kua number, a birthdate, or a name that adds up to the number eight.

Water Star and Mountain Star 8

House charts in feng shui all feature the number eight prominently because we are in the period of 8. The mountain star 8 gives health and relationship happiness, and the water star 8 gives financial abundance and wealth luck. Activating these two together gives you both! Make sure you look for both in your feng shui charts.

This article will show you how.

The Current Period 8

Feng shui is calculated in periods lasting 20 years. The current period that we are in and that started in 2004, is the period 8. That means that the number eight symbolizes current prosperity!

The number will retain its strength and remain auspicious until 2024, when it changes over on February 4, 2024 to period 9. In 2016, the number eight will be especially auspicious when it visits the southwest sector of women, bringing them extra income, opportunities…and great, good fortune!

The number eight currently possesses strength to bring good fortune to those who use it, such as by carrying a mystic knot hanger or by wearing a piece of jewelry. There are even bed mattresses with a figure eight design or doormats!

​​Activating the Eight

There’s so many ways you can activate the power of eight – from designs in clothing to jewelry. Wearing an eight design whether as an eight or as a mystic knot is an excellent way to activate your power of prosperity.

Worn as a necklace, the eight will imbue your voice with energy to make your words persuasive – so excellent for anyone who writes for a living or who is in sales. The wrist and hands are associated with your thoughts, and if you wear a ring or bracelet with the symbol of an eight, you imbue your mind with thoughts that help you make money or good financial choices.

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