Hi Class Jewelry...Rare Imperial Translucent Black Omphacite Jadeite Jade by GIA Video





Black jade is a Jadeite but can also be a Nephrite. They are simply different in material but look alike. Black Jadeite is more rare. A more accurate way to tell is to have your piece tested by a professional gemological laboratory.





Before Black jadeite was highly recognized, some doubted that Black jade was actually Jadeite and would consider it as Nephrite because they were used to the belief that Jadeite could not appear to be “black” in color. But after some professional and detailed investigation on some pieces of existing black jadeite, people found some were in fact, Jadeite and some were Nephrite. 



Dark jadeite can be very transparent




Shining a flashlight through it shows





That the real body color is dark green






The color appears black only because the body color





is so deep





Top quality dark green must be transparent






 under a strong light source and have green body color.





All these cabochons are of top quality






This is perfect piece of jewellery for special occasions






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