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The Feng Shui Black Turtle Figurine, Hand Carved Dark Green - Black Jadeite Jade (Grade A) Turtle Statue Carving

This is a gorgeous hand carved, Dark Green - Black Jadeite Jade (Grade A) Turtle figurine with a professional polish and unique look. The head and neck are made from rare translucent Dark Green jadeite material.

This special stone only comes only from the mountains of Kachin State, Myanmar and is considered by many, to be the 'Stone of Heaven' unequal in value and shrouded in mystery. 

This is made from Dark Green-Black jadeite jade (grade A) carving created by Thai Master Craftsmen located in the Chiang Mai province of Northern Thailand. 

Truly a unique item for your collection, this carving is so real looking and proportionately correct that it practically "comes to life" in front of you.

It’s best to place the black turtle near a water feature such as a tabletop water fountain or an aquarium. If you have your bed located in a Feng Shui position, opposite to the entrance to your bedroom, placing a black turtle at the head of your bed can help protect you during the night and protect you from nightmares and insomnia.

Also known as Feng Shui by the Chinese, this special stone possesses very unique physical characteristics. For one, the density of Jadeite is far greater than that of most other stones and therefore it is extremely heavy for its size. It is also extremely cold to the touch and exhibits a radiant energy coming from within the stone.

Jadeite is known as stone of heaven that brings owner prosperity and good health. It also has protective and healing power which help preventing its owner from bad luck. 

Since turtle is a long life animal, it represents longevity. Many people believe that having turtle statue will make them have long life also. 

Turtles can live longer than human turtles in the Pacific island countries, as long as they can live to 300 years old turtle has been used as a symbol of longevity in China, because the ancient time.It is common to see turtles design said longevity. It is good, showing a the turtle statue or jewelry senior show your love.

The turtle totem wisdom teaches us about walking our path in peace and sticking to it with determination and serenity. Slow moving on earth, yet also incredibly fast and agile in water, those who have the turtle as totem or spirit animal may be encouraged to take a break in their busy lives and look around or within themselves for more grounded, long-lasting solutions. 

Traditionally, the turtle is symbolic of the way of peace, whether it’s inviting us to cultivate peace of mind or a peaceful relationship with our environment.

The turtle represents the way of peace – whether it’s external or internal. It is considered as the Peace-Maker in Native American traditions. This animal is also often associated with the feminine principle or feminine energy, which foster peace and harmony with all things.

Please Note: There are inclusions and cracks in this natural stone.

The Feng Shui Black Turtle Figurine, Hand Carved Dark Green - Black Jadeite Jade

    • Overview: The Feng Shui Black Turtle Figurine, Hand Carved Dark Green - Black Jadeite Jade (Grade A) Turtle Statue Carving
    • Size: H 8 cm x W 5.3 cm x D 2.5 cm.
    • Weight : 175 grams / 875 ct.
    • Material : Opaque Dark Green-Black Jadeite Jade
    • Type : Gemstone Carving
    • Technique : Hand-Carved
    • Product Type : Jadeite Turtle
    • Regional Feature : Myanmar
    • Ships Worldwide from : Chiang Mai, Thailand

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