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This is a very rare and impressive 4.1 ct. Imperial Translucent Black Omphacite Jadeite Jade (Grade A) Thick Flat Tear Drop Cut with perfect clarity and color.

This type a quality is usually reserved for the Chinese market where Black pieces of omphacite jadeite can reach into the tens of thousands of dollars with some pieces in Hong Kong auctions reaching into the millions of US dollars. As can be seen in the pictures, this piece exhibits incredibly clear translucency.

This 4.1 ct. was cut recently and shows the most gorgeous Imperial green color when placed under transmitted light. Under normal, overhead lighting, the Tear Drop appears a perfect black color with only a very slight visible white inclusion. 

This stone is perfect for such engagements such as weddings and Anniversaries and can easily be made into a ring or pendant to celebrate such occasions.

There are no visible cracks and the clarity and translucency seen in this piece makes it a collector's item that is considered to be extremely precious and rare. 

Translucent Black Omphacite Jadeite is considered one of the rarest colors of jadeite jade with very few pieces existing for sale in the current world gem market!

This type of translucent black jadeite occurs naturally in only small amounts throughout the host material, making it one of the most elusive and rare gemstones on the planet, far rarer when compared to both rubies and diamonds.

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Background :
Far rarer than both diamonds or rubies is that of Imperial Translucent Black Omphacite-Jadeite Jade. Only a fraction of the jadeite found in Myanmar is black of which only about 5% is of a fine enough texture and color that it could be made into jewelry (cabochons). Of that 5% of jewelry quality black jadeite found in Myanmar, only about 1% is translucent in nature, turning a brilliant Imperial Green when put under a transmitted light source.

Considered extremely rare in the current world market, Imperial Translucent Black Omphacite-Jadeite Jade is a unique stone to possess. It is said that this type of Jadeite takes at least 3 times longer to form (300 million years) than jadeite of other colors making the presence of this stone very limited, only found randomly in small amounts in the Myanmar's Kachin State.