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Rare Ancient Phoenix Pendant, Lavender Jadeite Jade (Grade A) Expertly Hand Carved with Gem Lab Certificate

This stone has been officially certified by the EMIL Gemological Laboratory (Japan) (Bangkok), an internationally recognized gemological laboratory, as being natural and untreated Jadeite Jade known as “Grade A ”.

Lavender Jadeite Jade (Grade A), Ancient Phoenix Bird Pendant, Expertly Hand Carved. The Phoenix Bird Style in this carved pendant is an original design, making this item very rare and unique both for the carving and also the lavender jadeite which is extremely difficult to get due to the huge Chinese demand.

This carving is made of jadeite Jade that is opaque and shows a medium lavender color with light green hues. Truly a unique item for only the most prestigious of collections, this carving is so real looking and proportionately correct that it practically "comes to life" in front of your eyes!

This hand carved is sure to diffuse all negative energy from its wearer i