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Each stone unique with its own

inclusions and color array

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These rough Blue Sapphires from West Africa are great specimens to any gem lover's collection. They possess a gorgeous light blue color with great uniformity between the two crystals.

These Crystals have of a combined weight of 11.7 carats with an excellent lusture, 100% natural unheated and untreated. This pair of Sapphires are perfect for cutting 4 ct. stones for earrings or as rough specimens for your collection.

These stones are unheated/untreated making them very rare and valuable considering that 99% of sapphires are heated or treated in some way in todays gem market.

These Blue Sapphire crystals from West Africa are one of the finest quality of Sapphires on the market and have a very delicate and gorgeous light blue shade.

Pair of Natural Unheated/ Untreated Rough Blue Sapphire Crystals from West Afri

    • Model Number : 2 Pcs, Natural Unheated / Untreated Rough Blue Sapphires from West Africa
    • Weight : 5.7 ct. and Size h 9 mm. x w 7 mm.
    • Weight : 6 ct. and Size h 9 mm. x w 7 mm.
    • Material : Blue Sapphire 
    • Type : Sapphire Crystals
    • Product Type : Gemstone
    • Style : Rough Gem Crystals
    • Regional Feature : West Africa
    • Ships from : Chiang Mai, Thailand

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