Natural Crystal Quartz, Stretch Bracelet made with Medium Half-Rounded Beads, 8" Length on 2 Elastic Cords.

This beautiful bracelet glows a translucent and dreamy Pink color due to the color of the two elastic cords. The Beads are each clear and glassy with minor inclusions reflecting out the pink color much in the same way as a prism does.

This Unique bracelet is sure to look good on anyone!

Natural Crystal Quartz Bracelet, Made with Medium Half-Round Beads, 8" Length

    • Model Number : Natural Crystal Quartz, Stretch Bracelet Jewelry, Medium Half-Rounded Beaded Bracelet 8" Length
    • Size: 8" inch length
    • Beads Size : H 2.1 X W 1 x 0.8 cm
    • Weight: 63.3 grams
    • Material : Crystal Quartz
    • Type : Quartz Half-Round Beads 
    • Technique : Hand-Cut
    • Style : Bracelet-Elastic Stretch
    • Ships Worldwide from : Chiang Mai, Thailand

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