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Icy Horizon, Extremely Unique, Jadeite Jade (Grade A) Chinese "BI" Disk on a Fabric Necklace is a gorgeous translucent Disk or "BI" as it is known by the Chinese people, showing beautiful icy streaks inside the glassy background showing an almost "Yin and Yang " look. This type of Disk "BI" pendant is very popular nowadays and represents Heaven as is described by Wiki:

"Later traditions associate the bi with heaven, and the cong with the earth. Bi disks are consistently found with heaven and earth-like imagery, suggesting that the disk's circular shape also bears symbolic significance as this description explains"

This type of Pendant can be used as a necklace with the provided material or the disk can be taken off and used on a gold or silver chain making it a very versatile item.

The "BI" or disk of jade is celebrated throughout Chinese history especially with the Zhou Dynasty among others.

For example in the ZHOU Dynasty (ca. 11th BC-256 BC) the Bi-Disk was seen as symbol of the sky and/or the sun. The valency of Bi-Disks went so far, that in the eventuality of a war, the inferior had to hand over to the winner its Bi-Disks as sign of the submission.

Also known as Fei Cui by the Chinese, this special stone possesses very unique physical characteristics. For one, the density of Jadeite is far greater than that of most other stones and therefore it is extremely heavy for its size. It is also extremely cold to the touch and exhibits a radiant energy coming from within the stone.

Jadeite pendants and necklaces protect against deception and authoritative abuse for financial or sexual gain. Jadeite signifies peace through strength, and is also helpful in homes or occupations that encounter bullying or intimidation from violent children or teens.

Jadeite is excellent for healing feelings of guilt, and for extreme cases of defeatism. It also treats "pathological normality," an excessive desire to adapt oneself to a group, even if it is sect-like, exaggerated militarism, a follow-the-leader attitude, or the compulsive desire to give in to general opinion to belong no matter

Icy Horizon, Extremely Unique, Jadeite Jade (Grade A) Chinese "BI" Disk

    • Overview : Very Icy Jadeite Jade (Grade A) Chinese "BI" Disk on a Fabric Necklace
    • Diameter : 30 mm.
    • Hole Size : 0.3 cm
    • Necklace Length: 17 inch
    • Weight: ct.
    • Material : Jadeite Jade from Myanmar
    • Type :Jadeite Disk Pendant 
    • Color: Icy-Translucent Moss-In-Snow
    • Technique : Hand-Cut
    • Regional Feature : Myanmar
    • Ships Worldwide from : Chiang Mai, Thailand

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