Hand Carved, Grade-A Natural Green Jadeite Jade (Grade A) Antique Tobacco Pipe

This is natural, Grade-A jadeite jade carved into a pipe with unique carving patterns on the pipe's stem. 

The dimension of the diameter is 1.5 x 1 cm.

The handcarved carvings with excellent craftsmanship are as vivid as life. An exquisite jadeite object like this is seldom seen in todays market and therefor a great investment.

This vintage jadeite carving has multicolors. It contains green, light green and brown. The colors are natural and harmonious. Its beautiful translucence and brilliant polished luster represent a classical and elegant quality.

Also known as Fei Cui by the Chinese, this special stone possesses very unique physical characteristics. For one, the density of Jadeite is far greater than that of most other stones and therefore it is extremely heavy for its size. It is also extremely cold to the touch and exhibits a radiant energy coming from within the stone.

Jadeite is known as stone of heaven that brings owner prosperity and good health. It also has protective and healing power which help preventing its owner from bad luck. 

Jadeite protects against deception and authoritative abuse for financial or sexual gain. Jadeite signifies peace through strength, and is also helpful in homes or occupations that encounter bullying or intimidation from violent children or teens.

Jadeite is excellent for healing feelings of guilt, and for extreme cases of defeatism. It also treats "pathological normality," an excessive desire to adapt oneself to a group, even if it is sect-like, exaggerated militarism, a follow-the-leader attitude, or the compulsive desire to give in to general opinion to belong no matter

Hand Carved Natural Green Jadeite Jade (Grade A) Antique Tobacco Pipe

SKU: C002
    • Model Number : Hand Carved, Grade-A Natural Green Jadeite Jade, Antique Tobacco Pipe
    • Size: Length 8.5 x 1.2 Width x 1.5 Depth cm.
    • Weight: 27.79 grams.
    • Material : Green Jadeite Jade
    • Type : Pipe
    • Technique : Hand Carved
    • Product Type : Jadeite Gemstone Pipe
    • Regional Feature : Myanmar
    • Ships Worldwide from : Chiang Mai, Thailand

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