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Forest Greenery is a gorgeous 63 mm. Greenish-Black Camouflage Patterned, Jadeite Jade Bangle (Grade A) and is Hand Carved into a Half Round Shape giving it a very unique and 'Natural Look'.

The beautiful dark green with a spotted black background in this piece of Jadeite Jade makes this bangle absolutely unique and attractive. 

This bangle definitely has interesting characteristics of jadeite 'Black' and 'Green' showing amazing natural color combinations of black with very dark green hues resembling a spotted camouflage pattern.

Jadeite bangles with black color are very rare due to the scarcity of black jadeite and the large amount of material required to make a bangle. My black and partial black jadeite bangles have all been collected over a 20 year period and are considered a very rare and spiritually powerful items. 

Black jadeite has been known for the protective and healing qualities associated with its use for thousands of years by Asian people. Wearing a jadeite bangle symbolizes ' a peaceful life' and has also been known to protect from evil spirits. It also helps to enhance longevity and is known to bring good luck.

This bangle is a very fashionable piece of jewelry because black never goes out of style and matches any outfit. 

This bangle is absolutely amazing and deserves to be the latest addition to your jewelry collection.

Meaning & User

Black Jadeite is an etheric bodyguard and a stone of protection. Its strong elemental energy shields not only the physical body, but guards against negative forces or entities, energy vampires and people projecting anger and aggression. 

Black Jadeite is considered one of the rarest colors of jadeite jade with very few pieces existing for sale in the current world gem market!

Black Jadeite is not only valuable as jewellery, it is also viewed by many cultures to possess certain powers and mystical qualities.

It defends against morphogenic fields of negative energy, such as the fear and violence projected through the media, and is particularly helpful in times of war or world crisis.

For many people Black Jadeite Jade symbolizes the power of protection. 

Regardless of the market value of Jadeite the true value comes from within the person who wears it. 

Forest Greenery, 63 mm. Greenish-Black Camouflage Pattern, Jadeite Jade Grade A

    • Model Number : 63 mm. Greenish-Black Camouflage Patterned, Jadeite Jade Bangle (Grade A) is Hand Carved into a Half Round