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Extremely Unique Spider Web, Large 16.8 ct. Highly Quality, Natural Unheated/Untreated Blue Sapphire Cabochon Gemstone set in Brass Holder Ring for Display

This is an extremely unique and beautiful stone that shows a perfect hexagonal Corundum (sapphire) crystal structure under the surface. This stone is very unique not to be seen again in this perfect geometrical alignment. 

Its radiant blue color glimmers in the light, showing inner hues of cornflower blue with the utmost translucency. Truly a natural work of art, this blue sapphire would look great in either a man or women's ring or pendant. 

Blue Sapphires from Myanmar are of the finest quality of Sapphires available and have an in-depth blue shade due to the presence of titanium and iron existing as trace elements in the sapphire. Burmese Sapphires come from only a few particular areas in Myanmar, namely Mogok located in northern Burma and Mong-Hsu to the east of Mandalay. This stone is unheated/untreated and a perfect example of how awesome nature can be in perfect environmental conditions. 

Note: This Stone was mined in Myanmar which comonly set stones in inexpensive brass rings due to export laws imposed by Myanmar's government. These temporary settings should only be used for display purposes and minimal wearing until the stone can be set into proper silver or gold jewelry.

Extremely Unique Spider Web, Large 16.8 ct. Natural Unheated/Untreated Hexagonal

    • Model Number : Extremely Unique Spider Web,Unheated/Untreated, Hexagonal Crystal Structured, Blue Sapphire Cabochon Gemstone set in Brass Holder Ring for Display
    • Material : Burmese Natural Blue Sapphire
    • Stone Weight: 16.8 ct. 
    • Stone Size : H 17 mm. x W 17 mm. x D 5 mm.
    • Ring Size : 7 US Size
    • Technique : Hand Carved
    • Treatment: UnHeated/Untreated 
    • Style: Faceted Gemstone
    • Regional Feature : Myanmar
    • Ships Worldwide from : Chiang Mai, Thailand

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