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Crystal of the Gods, is a Gorgeous Large and very Rare, 4.9 ct. Natural Unheated / Untreated Rough Emerald Crystal Specimen with Top Transparency from NSW Australia.

This rough Emerald is a great specimen to add to any gem lover's collection. It possess clear features with only minor inclusions and therefor could easily be cut into a faceted grade gemstone depending upon your preference.

This Emerald shows extremely unique features on the surface of the crystal in a natural formation unique to the Emeralds from New South Wales, on the Australian Continent. The clarity of this crystal and the sheer size make it a rare and valuable item as a specimen and will be sure to appreciate in value in the years to come. 

This Emerald could also be made into a precious pendant that could be worn continually or used for the unique creation of a one-of-a-kind ring. What ever your needs this crystal is sure to impress with its transparency and silky features.

Crystal of the Gods, 4.9 ct. Natural Unheated / Untreated Rough Emerald Crystal

    • Model Number : Natural Unheated / Untreated Rough Emerald Crystal from NSW Australia
    • Weight : 4.9 ct. 
    • Size h 16 mm. x w 6 mm. x d 5 mm.
    • Material : Beryl: Emerald
    • Type : Emerald
    • Product Type : Emerald Gemstone: Natural Crystal Specimen
    • Style : Rough Crystal
    • Regional Feature : New South Wales, Australia 
    • Ships from : Chiang Mai, Thailand