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Black Jadeite Jade (Grade A) Hand Carved Ring, Size 9 1/2 US

This is a Unique Black Jadeite Jade (Grade A) Hand Carved Ring, Size 9 1/2 US. 100% Natural (Grade A) is perfect for a man or lady's ring or pendant. 

The unique blend of natural Black color makes this piece absolutely unique and attractive. This type of jadeite is considered to be collector's items that will continue to appreciate and increase in value in the years to come.

It has a cool temperature to the touch and you can feel the surge of positive energy when you put it on. 

This ring is sure to diffuse all negative energy from its wearer increasing both good health and positive energy or Chi as it is known in Asia. Dark green Jadeite is also the crystal of love and is supportive in new love, increasing trustworthiness and fidelity. It also inspires love later in life.

Also known as Fei Cui by the Chinese, this special stone possesses very unique physical characteristics. For one, the density of Jadeite is far greater than that of most other stones and therefore it is extremely heavy for its size. It is also extremely cold to the touch and exhibits radiant energy coming from within the stone.

Jadeite is excellent for healing feelings of guilt, and for extreme cases of defeatism. It also treats "pathological normality," an excessive desire to adapt oneself to a group, even if it is sect-like, exaggerated militarism, a follow-the-leader attitude, or the compulsive desire to give in to general opinion to belong no matter.

Black Jadeite Jade (Grade A) Hand Carved Ring, Size 9 1/2 US

    • Model: Black Jadeite Jade (Grade A) Hand Carved Ring
    • Size : 9 1/2 US
    • Width : 9.2 mm.
    • Depth : 3.7 mm.
    • Weight : 6.2 grams / 31 ct.
    • Shape and Cut : Hand Carved
    • Colour : Black Jadeite Jade (Grade A)
    • Product Type : Jadeite Jade (Grade A)
    • Style : Asian Ring
    • Regional Feature : Myanmar
    • Ships Worldwide from : Chiang Mai, Thailand