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Asian Styled, Moss in Snow Patterned, Light White with spots of highlighted green, Jadeite Jade Round Beaded Bracelet (Grade A) 6.5" Length, Elastic Stretch

This jadeite jade (Grade A) beaded bracelet is made with medium, heavy, round beads. The beads are white with spots of apple green, a unique piece of jewelry that has real weight to it. 

These beads are threaded on an elastic cord allowing someone to put on and take off the bracelet with ease. 

Natural Jadeite has long been known for its health benefits and just by wearing it on your wrist you will feel your blood cool and your tensions ease. 

This gorgeous jadeite bracelet can be worn by both men and women. It has a cool temperature to the touch and you can feel the surge of positive energy when you put it on.

Also known as Fei Cui by the Chinese, this special stone possesses very unique physical characteristics. For one, the density of Jadeite is far greater than that of most other stones and therefore it is extremely heavy for its size. It is also extremely cold to the touch and exhibits a radiant energy coming from within the stone.

Asian Styled, Moss in Snow Patterned, Jadeite Jade (Grade A) Round Beaded

    • Product : Asian Styled, Moss in Snow Patterned, Light Green-White Light Jadeite Jade Round Beaded Bracelet (Grade A)
    • Size: 6.5" inch length (Inner Size)
    • Beads Diameter : 14 mm.
    • Weight: 66.8 grams / 334.4 ct.
    • Material : Grade A Jadeite Jade
    • Type : Round Beads
    • Technique : Hand-Cut
    • Product Type : Jadeite Gemstone
    • Style : Bracelet-Elastic Stretch
    • Regional Feature : Myanmar
    • Ships Worldwide from : Chiang Mai, Thailand