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3.6 ct. Gorgeous Unheated/Untreated Burmese Star Ruby Cabochon Gemstone set in Brass Holder Ring for Display.

This is a Gorgeous Sharp Star Ruby from the mines located in the Mogok region of Central Myanmar (Burma), a location that produces the world's best rubies. This stone is just shy of 3.6 carats making it a valuable investment sure to appreciate in value in the years to come. 

This stone is also unique for the fact that In certain lighting the stone shows a saturated red color with the hexagonal crystal structure of Corundum but when shown in a direct transmitted beam of light, the stone shows a sharp six ray star asterism inside the gem.

Truly an inspiring piece that gives a great perspective on just how complex mother nature can be and to the many factors that are required for a Ruby to have a naturally occurring star asterism inside the stone. 

These factors include the stone having intact threads of "silk" (tiny mineral hairlike inclusions) that distort the light reflecting off of the stone. This is the main factor for providing the star and depending upon the amount and size of these "silk" filament inclusions as well as their orientation/alignment will determine how sharp the star asterism is.

Note: This Stone was mined in Myanmar which comonly set stones in inexpensive brass rings due to export laws imposed by Myanmar's government. These temporary settings should only be used for display purposes and minimal wearing until the stone can be set into proper jewelry.

This six-ray star is caused due to an optical phenomena known as "Asterism". The term "Asterism" is derived from the Greek word "aster", which means star, so asterism is commonly referred to as "star" or "star-effect". 

In simple words, asterism is a star-shaped light effect across the surface of gems. The asterism on a Star Ruby should only appear when exposed to good transmitted lighting conditions or direct sunlight.

A Star Ruby has the same metaphysical properties as a Ruby, but with increased healing and magical energies. It is most powerful at full moon. 

The Light of the Soul is reflected and grounded within the star of the Ruby, and amplifies one’s internal resources and fortitude. It is extremely potent for those inclined to self-harm or self-neglect. 

As a stone of spiritual Light, it can be used by Light workers and healers to integrate high-frequency energy into the body, and assists one in recognizing the true abundance of life.

The ruby is considered to be the most powerful gem in the universe, and is associated with many astral signs. To own a ruby is said to have contentment and peace. 

3.6 ct. Gorgeous Unheated/Untreated Burmese Star Ruby Cabochon Gemstone