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Drops of Jupiter, 2.74 ct. Imperial Translucent Black Omphacite-Jadeite Jade (Grade A) Rectangular Cut with Gem Lab Certificate

This stone has been officially certified by the EMIL Gemological Laboratory (Japan) (Bangkok), an internationally recognized gemological laboratory, as being natural and untreated Jadeite Jade known as “Grade A ”.

Just in from Myanmar, this is a gorgeous 2.75 piece of clear, imperial translucent black omphacite-jadeite jade, ideal for a man's ring and yet still small enough to make the most perfect lady's pendant and accented with diamonds.

This gorgeous piece shows a vibrant emerald green color when placed under transmitted light. Under normal overhead lighting, the cabochon appears a perfect dark-shiny black color with only minor white inclusion features (please refer to pictures under normal light). 

This stone is perfect for such engagements such as weddings and Anniversaries and can easily be made into a ring or pendant to celebrate such occasions.

There are no visible cracks and the clarity and translucen