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This is the most Gorgeous Natural Unheated /Untreated Rough Emerald Specimen, Top Green Color from the Famous Mines of Panjshir, Afghanistan.

These rough Emeralds are great specimens to any gem lover's collection. They possess unique features such as a saturated green color that some say is the emerald type. This unique specimen is small however if you understand the painful and primitive process that the miners go through to extract the emeralds it helps to understand why there are very rarely large sized unbroken crystals from this area. The miners in this area use dynamite to blow up the rock and expose the emeralds However in the process they Destroy any sizable crystal due to emeralds extremely brittle nature.

For more information on the Panjshir mining methods please watch this youtube clip:

A Very beautiful rough Emerald with a weight of 0.7 carat and with an excellent lusture and extremely saturated green color. This Emerald Crystal is the perfect stone for a ring or kept as a rough specimen for your collection

0.7 ct. Unheated/ Untreated Rough Emerald Crystal, Top Green Color

    • Model Number : Rare: Natural Unheated / Untreated Rough Emerald Crystal Specimen, Top Green Color from the Famous Mines in Panjshir, Afghanistan. 
    • Weight : 0.7 ct. 
    • Size : h 8 mm. x w 3 mm. 
    • Material : Rough Emerald
    • Type : Natural Unheated/Untreated Rough Emeralds
    • Product Type : Gemstones
    • Style : Emerald Hexagonal Crystal
    • Regional Feature : Panjshir, Afghanistan
    • Ship from : Chiang Mai, Thailand

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