Black Jadeite Jade emanates strong, protective energies to ward off negative assault, physical or psychological, including self liitation.

January 11, 2019

God of War, Semi Translucent Black Omphacite Jadeite Jade (Grade A) Carving of the Chinese God of War (Guan Yu) Pendant

Known in Myanmar as “ the Shadow of the Successful Man”, Translucent Black Omphacite Jadeite has been known by many to bring wealth and prosperity to...

January 9, 2019

Known as Mo Cui or Mexican Green in China and Inky Jade in Hong Kong, this extremely rare and coveted gemstone has gone by many names. The name that is most often seen in the English language calls this stone Black Jadeite but is it really jadeite? Why is it often refe...

January 6, 2019

Burmese Black Jadeite can really be classified into two different and distinct varieties or species. The first being Omphacite Jadeite and the second being known as Burnt ‘Chicken Skin” jadeite. 

Omphacite Jadeite is far rarer than the Burnt Chicken Skin varieties and e...

December 30, 2018

Black Jade is an ancient stone that has historically been used to attract money. Black Jade is also a protective stone, guarding against accidents and misfortune. The meaning of Black Jade has been attributed to the properties of protection, power and control (of ones...

Black Jade is a Guardian Harmonizer talisman. The Guardian talismans do not reveal their inner strength. These stones rarely, if ever, form transparent crystals. Rather, they hide their strength behind an opaque mask, obscuring the power they possess. In the physical w...

Black Jade is the traditional zodiac stone for those born in the heart of spring under the sign of Taurus, from April 20 - May 20.

May 30, 2018

16.4 ct. Violet-Lavender Jadeite Jade (Grade A) Blank-Cut Rectangle Chunk Gemstone with Gem Lab Certificate

In today’s extremely sophisticated world, many types of man made treatments have developed in order to enhance the color and translucency of jadeite jade. These t...

January 24, 2018

Jadeite is formed under extreme conditions of high pressures and low temperatures deep within the earth’s mantle during oceanic plate subduction. 

In this environment the presence of minor and trace elements are extremely common and are the reason for the coloration of...

December 6, 2017

What Is Translucent Black Jadeite?

This is an extremely rare and expensive type of jadeite known in the Hong Kong and Chinese markets as “Inky Jade” or “Mexican Green”.

Rough Imperial Translucent Black Omphacite Jadeite Jade

This stone is special for many reasons most i...

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